White Crow Paper Mill

Doug and Helene Zucco founded the White Crow Paper Mill studio in Fleetwood Pennsylvania. This website gives a small glimpse into what White Crow is about. You are welcome to browse:

Gallery — A small selection of their works.

Live on Paper — White Crow's joint project with the New Arts Program.

Résumé — Education, Art Experiences, and Exhibitions of Doug Zucco.

Workshops — They provide instruction in papermaking.

As well, you are welcome to contact White Crow Paper Mill via the following address, phone number, or email::

White Crow Paper Mill
Helene & Douglas Zucco
186 Lake Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522

Phone: 610.944.9061

Email: zucco3@gateway.net

These webpages are kindly hosted by the New Arts Program.